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I found the course informative and very useful, I thought our tutors methods were excellent, and it was the best course I have ever attended.
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The Institute of Occupational Safety & Health (IOSH) Approved Training Courses

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Nearly 100,000 people every year take part in IOSH health and safety training.  We provide IOSH training courses in Kent, Essex, Hampshire, and London.  IOSH has a comprehensive range of short courses developed from years of experience in designing and delivering high quality, flexible and authoritative programmes in every sector at every level.

Lighthouse Safety Training are an IOSH approved centre and have several years of experience in delivering both IOSH Managing Safely and IOSH Working Safely Courses, maintaining a high pass rate throughout.  We also see great demand for the delivery of IOSH Directing Safely.

All courses have common themes, however they can be delivered with the client’s needs in mind. We have the ability to bespoke the training to fit the needs of your company, utilising your own company forms and procedures, with the aim of highlighting how the subject matter should be incorporated within your business.

Our instructors keep these sessions lively and interactive, focusing on the need to develop modern business culture, and your staff knowledge on the needs of being a productive and safety orientated company. Many companies still remain too focused on the simple approach of ‘productivity being king’, but it’s worth remembering that the cost of one accident may far outweigh any annual profit – with the added potential to ruin your well earned reputation forever. Training your staff in Health & Safety protects your profits and therefore should be considered an intelligent spend.

Think “What If …” not “If Only …”

Forget the fact that we are forever being reminded that we are in a recession.  Forget the fact that common sense should prevail and forget the fact that if we don’t know about it, that it won’t affect us and indeed forget the fact that production is king – as it most definitely is not.  OK, production brings in the money so how do we protect that income and how do we protect our reputation?  We can only do that by understanding what can seriously affects our ability to function. “Hello” – its time to wake up and smell the coffee.

This may seem a strange way of introducing a subject but it’s time to take account of our morals – do something that helps those around us, do the right thing; it’s time also to take account of our legal obligations as ignorance is no excuse or indeed is no defence.  Now for the sucker punch – it’s time to take account of your financial planning – you’ve heard that more that a few times recently I know, so no doubt you already have things operating on a shoe string for the moment.  “You’ve done all you can” I hear you say.

Now how about the unforeseen affecting your ability to be productive and how about adding in a fine for good measure, or someone suddenly stopping you from undertaking what it is that is crucial and critical to your running your business?

How do we find out what these hidden dangers are?  Simply have a major accident, environmental incident or death on your patch and watch all your hard work, excellent reputation and your children’s inheritance disappear, that’s how.  Oh, and for good measure add in dealing with the aftermath of any incident?  How about spending your valued time on preparing for coroners, criminal and civil courts?

Now lets mix things up some more, how about having to face a relative of a work colleague, and break the news of why their loved one won’t be coming home again.

Now you will soon realise what lays lurking around the corner if you fail to address the very serious issues of safety, and I say safety as that usually focuses the mind, (no one wants to go home in two pieces at the end of their time at work, never mind die) but as employers we must face it, that in fact it is those very same people that injure themselves or do silly things that may affect them and their families for the rest of their lives. Additionally of course we must also take into account how and what we are being exposed to at work and how this may affect our health later in life.

A market-leading eye opener, which aims to make employers aware of their duties and to train them of how to deal with those hidden dangers, is the Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) Managing Safely 4 Day Course. Internationally recognised, IOSH Managing Safely is considered as a huge step in the right direction in your business planning. Managing Safely is not something that should be done in addition to your job, it needs to be an integral part of your whole business approach and for the proactive thinkers amongst us it will lead your whole business methodology.

We have many years of delivering the IOSH Managing Safely course, whilst maintaining a high pass rate from all who have attended.

Your challenge is to maintain your business on a firm foundation for the benefit of yourself and your employees, don’t undermine it, shore it up and train your managers and supervisors, or simply come along yourself.

For a perceived minimal outlay, allow yourself to be educated.  Of course, the other option is to do nothing and to build those business foundations on sand but be very aware that with this option comes the very strong possibility of losing your customers, your ability to win tenders, all along with the strong possibility of fines, compensation payouts, or time at Her Majesty’s pleasure.

The choice rightly though remains with you, so if this helps it’s worth quoting a blind safety campaigner (Ken Woodward) “Think What if – Not if Only”.

A Polite Notice

It pays to be selective when booking training courses because not all training providers are what they appear to be. When booking an IOSH Course you need to feel assured that your training provider is fully licenced to provide that training and is not then going to sub-contract the work. Lighthouse Safety Training are an IOSH approved/licenced training provider.


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