Site Management Safety Training Scheme Refresher (SMSTSR)

The cost of this course is £295 plus VAT (£354 Total cost)
(These costs include exams and all associated costs.)

Course Description

The SMSTSR course is for delegates who have previously passed the five-day SMSTS. It aims to bring health & safety knowledge up-to-date, giving an overview of the legislative changes and how they impact the workplace.

Please be aware that as of 31 December 2015, CITB Awards scheme rules have changed and you will not be given the 6 month grace period from date of expiry to renew your certificate.  You MUST complete the refresher BEFORE your certificate expires should the expiry date be 1st January onwards. 

Upcoming SMSTSR dates


Course Name Dates Location
SMSTS Refresher 20, 21 May 2019Rainham, KentBook
SMSTS Refresher 16, 17 July 2019Rainham, KentBook
SMSTS Refresher 17, 18 September 2019Rainham, KentBook
SMSTS Refresher 25, 26 November 2019Rainham, KentBook

Who Should Attend

Only those delegates who have passed the five-day SMSTS course and provided evidence to us before attending the course are eligible to attend the two-day refresher course.

Course Content

The SMSTSR course aims to improve awareness of recent developments in:

  • Construction
  • Legislation and health
  • Safety
  • Welfare and environmental issues and identify measures that will assist the practical implementation of responsibilities established by new legislation and new working practices

At the end of the course, Delegates will be aware of and able to implement all updated health, safety, welfare and environmental legislation which affects them in their role as a manager, be aware of and able to implement new guidance and industry best practice and be more aware of their duties and responsibilities with regards to health, safety, welfare and the environment.

Assessment & Award

Course work is assessed by the instructor throughout the course, via work produced by syndicate exercises and individual participation.  There is also a 30 minute, 25 question, objective multiple-choice examination at the end of the course. Successful candidates will be awarded the CITB Site Managers Safety Training Refresher Certificate.


The SMSTSR training course lasts two days, 8.30 am – 5 pm daily. This can be delivered as a two day Block or one day a week over a two week period. The SMSTSR certificate lasts for five years,  candidates must sit a further two day SMSTSR training course to renew their certificate prior to the expiry date to keep their qualification up-to-date.


Typical fees for open courses are £295 plus VAT per person; however this can vary for in-house courses (dependant on location and numbers).

As part of the fees each candidate will receive the GE700 – Construction Site Safety – The Comprehensive Guide, currently retailing at £95.40, plus the certification charges at £37.50.

Companies that are eligible for CITB grant refund can claim a grant of £60 for each successful candidate who completes the course.  Find out more about CITB Levy & Grants.


We run regular open SMSTSR courses in our training centre in Rainham Kent,  or we are happy to travel to your location if suitable facilities are available. We cover the whole of the UK so would be happy to travel to anywhere you need your course.

A Polite Notice

It pays to be selective when booking training courses because not all training providers are what they appear to be. When booking an SMSTSR course you need to feel assured that your training provider is fully accredited to provide that training and is not then going to sub-contract the work. Lighthouse Safety Training are fully accredited by CITB to provide the SMSTSR course and proof of that accreditation can be seen on our accreditation page.


A very informative and well present course.  Rick displayed an experienced and knowledgeable view and was able to relate to us in a professional manner.  Would recommend this course and venue to any colleagues and would use again.
Trevor, March 2018 (SMSTS Refresher) 

A well run and managed course in comfortable surroundings. Sufficient breaks.  Friendly approach.
Tony, January 2018 (SMSTS Ref)

Course tutor Rick had great level of knowledge, enthusiasm for subject matter, clear delivery method and passionate about H&S.  Very good and would gladly recommend to others.  Thanks.
Mark, January 2018 (SMSTS Ref) 

Great tutor, great delivery.  Friendly and easy to talk to.  Lighthouse Training are a very professional and friendly training venue.  Will use again.
Terry, May 2017 (SMSTS Ref) 

Tutor was very enthusiastic and passionate which proved beneficial to the sessions learning. Rick was welcoming and related on his experience to give examples which helped. Impressive presentation.
Craig, March 2017 (SMSTS Refresher) 

Good venue, good course and good crowd. Will use Lighthouse again
Ryan, March 2017 (SMSTS Refresher) 

Excellent tutor, very good at getting across to the class. Well done Rick.
David, March 2017 (SMSTS Refresher) 

Overall a really good course and good facilities. The trainer was excellent.
Peter, March 2017 (SMSTS Refresher) 

Instructor is a credit to the company, showed excellent subject knowledge and had the ability to get the information across in a way that could have been easily boring. Thank you. Will recommend Lighthouse as a training provider in future definitely.

Simon, February 2017 (SMSTS Refresher) 

Good & very worthwhile course to refresh and update our knowledge  and re-stress the importance of H&S.  Good fun and learning environment.  The passion and experience of the tutor was well received.
James, January 2017 (SMSTS Refresher) 

Very well conducted.  Good light approach to all of the subjects and very informative to any of the specific subjects.  Overall good experience.
Chris, January 2017 (SMSTS Refresher) 

Very pleased with the refresher course, has helped me greatly for future projects.  Rick was an excellent teacher with a good sense of humour A+.
Steve, January 2017 (SMSTS Refresher)

Training carried out in a good atmosphere. Tutor very good.
Deryck, January 2017 (SMSTS Refresher) 

Well delivered, provided all the info required to update the knowledge.
Frank, January 2017 (SMSTS Refresher) 

Good course.  Well presented and would like to look at doing others.  Will pass this on to my company.
James, November 2016 (SMSTS Refresher) 

All in all a very thorough execution of the course covered all relevant areas needed to complete the test. Thanks
Darren, November 2016 (SMSTS Refresher) 

This was a very enjoyable course.  The presenter engaged with the group well.
Terry, November 2016 (SMSTS Refresher) 

Very good venue and tutor delivered the course very well, would certainly return.
Shane, November 2016 (SMSTS Refresher)

Good pace of delivery.  Chilled teaching approach that puts you in the right mind set to learn.  Will look to book further courses with Lighthouse Safety training.  Many thanks.
Keith, September 2016 (SMSTS Refresher) 

Enjoyable course.  Very detailed refresher for CDM changes.  Varied teaching style to avoid death by powerpoint.
Andy, September 2016 (SMSTS Refresher)

Pleasant and friendly course and presenter.  Enjoyable.
Rich, September 2016 (SMSTS Refresher) 

Harry has made the last two days very easy and enjoyable.  A really good mix of slides, videos and open chat.
Pleasant and friendly course and presenter.  Enjoyable.
Richard, September 2016 (SMSTS Refresher)

Pleasant and friendly course and presenter.  Enjoyable.
Rich, September 2016 (SMSTS Refresher) 

Very clear information provided. Tutor provided answers and demonstrated excellent knowledge of all topics.
James, July 2016 (SMSTS Refresher) 

Informative, Rick presented the course very well and made the experience lighthearted.
Simon, July 2016 (SMSTS Refresher)

Rick is a great instructor, informative and fun.  Thanks Rick.
Dave, July 2016 (SMSTS Refresher) 

Very good SMSTS Refresher course. Good, new information.  A real benefit for own company.
Tom, May 2016 (SMSTS Refresher)

Course was well presented with topics covered well.  Tutor presented well showing good depth of knowledge regarding all subjects.  I will be looking to book further here.
Paul, January 2016 (SMSTS Refresher) 

Brilliant course. Good mix of learning and banter
Chris, January 2016 (SMSTS Refresher)

A well presented course with approachable and knowledgeable tutor.
Guy, December 2015 (SMSTS Refresher)

Excellent, informal method of delivering the course, I learnt much more on this refresher than I did on the previous 5 day course.
Darren, December 2015 (SMSTS Refresher) 

Very open and informative course.  Tutor keeps the flow of information going but allowed and reacted to intervention in a good way. Course facilities are good.
Andrew, November 2015 (SMSTS refresher) 

Venue was really good and the facilities were excellent.  Course tutor was fun and enthusiastic which helps with carrying out a course.  Thanks.
Luke, November 2015 (SMSTS Refresher) 

Good course with good content and very useful/educational
Alex, September 2015 (SMSTS Refresher) 

I really enjoyed the content. Good pace and humour used during the training.
Daren, September 2015 (SMSTS Refresher)

The course was presented very well, excellent delivery would recommend to all.
Tim, September 2015 (SMSTS Refresher) 

Very well presented and interesting.
Zlatko, July 2015 (SMSTS Refresher) 

Lots of information given in a short space of time very well.  Also with a sense of humour thrown in.
Clive, July 2015 (SMSTS Refresher) 

A good refresher course, well delivered.
Peter, July 2015 (SMSTS Refresher) 

Rick made you feel at ease, very knowledgeable, good at his job. Also listens to what people say or ask. Will always give you an answer.
George, July 2015 (SMSTS Refresher)

The course was presented in a way that keeps in engaged and to remember information given. I believe that this is a credit to our tutor. Not at any time did Rick lose my attention. Would recommend using Lighthouse to any Company or individual.  Thank you Rick and Lighthouse

Aaron, October 2014 (SMSTS Refresher)

Excellent teaching, exceeded expectations. Thanks

Kaldeep, October 2014 (SMSTS Refresher)

Tutor was good. Had a vast knowledge of the subject in hand. Well done.

Steve, October 2014 (SMSTS Refresher)

Good Well paced course.  Harry made interesting when the subject can at times drag with other courses attended elsewhere.

Chris, February 2014 (SMSTS Refresher)

Good tutor, explained everything well and made it easier to understand

Steven, February 2014 (SMSTS Refresher)

Tutor involved good class participation and used good visual aids.  All made for an interesting, informative 2 days.

Andy, February 2014 (SMSTS Refresher)

Good Course. Tutor made the course and students feel at ease and good teaching methods rather than straight out of text books.

Brian, November 2013 (SMSTS Refresher)

Very good method of instruction given. Relaxed atmosphere and a better way of retaining the knowledge.

Kevin, April 2013 (SMSTS Refresher)

The tutors delivery of the course was excellent with an extensive knowledge of what he was teaching.  The open forum throughout the 2 days made the course current and easy to follow

Danny, April 2013 (SMSTS Refresher )

Much better interacting format with instuctor discussing topics rather than relying on visual aids

Walker conatruction, September 2012 (SMSTS Refresher)

Very well delivered course

Walker Construction, September 2012 (SMSTS Refresher)

“The course was undertaken in a good, relaxed and friendly atmosphere”

September 2010

“A very enjoyable and informative course – thank you”

September 2010


September 2010

“Good refresher – The tutor was obviously very experienced”

September 2010

“ An excellent course very well run”

May 2010

“The thing I enjoyed the most was the interaction between the trainer and trainees.  All subjects were clearly explained”

April 2010

“A very enjoyable and informative course”

March 2010


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