Site Management Safety Training Scheme (SMSTS)

The cost of this course  is £485 plus VAT (£582 Total cost)
(These costs include exams and all associated costs.)

Course Description

Site Managers Safety Training Scheme (SMSTS) aims to develop the legal, moral and social duties of being a construction site manager, giving guidance on how to control site activities in accordance with current Health & Safety law.

Run as a 5 day block or one day a week, over a 5 week period, our SMSTS courses run frequently in many locations or we are happy to deliver in house courses at preferential rates.

Our constantly updated testimonials show why we’re the best choice and our competitive pricing includes grant available.

Please be aware that as of 31 December 2015, CITB  scheme rules have changed and you will not be given the 6 month grace period from date of expiry to renew your certificate.  You MUST complete the refresher BEFORE your certificate expires from 1 January 2016. 

Upcoming SMSTS course dates


SMSTS coursesDatesLocation
SMSTS30 April, 7, 14, 21, 28 May 2019
1 Place remaining
Rainham, Kent Book
1 Place remaining
SMSTS3, 10, 17, 24 June, 1 July 2019Rainham, Kent Book
SMSTS8, 15, 22, 29 July, 5 August 2019Rainham, Kent Book
SMSTS13, 20, 27 August, 3, 10 September 2019Rainham, Kent Book
SMSTS16, 23, 30 September, 7, 14 October 2019Rainham, Kent Book
SMSTS21, 28 October, 4, 11, 18 November 2019Rainham, Kent Book
SMSTS9 - 13 December 2019Rainham, Kent Book


Who Should Attend

This course is designed for construction site managers, agents, quantity surveyors, construction directors and project directors, plus persons who are, or are about to be, responsible for planning, organising, monitoring, controlling and administering groups of staff and workforce. This industry-recognised training course is also ideal for companies that need to meet the ever increasing demand for evidence of health and safety compliance. Client-based personnel would also benefit from attending the SMSTS training course.

Possession of the SMSTS qualification is listed in the Approved Code of Practice for the construction (Design and Management) (CDM) Regulations as a demonstration of competence in the role of site manager; proof of in-date certification is often required when completing pre-qualification Health & Safety questionnaires.

Course Content

The SMSTS training course covers the Health & Safety at Work Act and the regulations relevant to the construction industry (and other workplaces), including:

  • Site set up
  • CDM Regulation
  • Risk assessments
  • Method statements
  • Scaffolding awareness
  • Monitoring health & safety
  • Electricity on site
  • Excavations
  • Demolition
  • Confined spaces
  • Fire prevention
  • Construction health & safety
  • The Management of Health & Safety at Work Regulations
  • Health & safety communication and training
  • Health & Safety management on site
  • Management of contractors
  • Health & safety management of plant and equipment and systems of work
Assessment & Award

Coursework is assessed by the instructor throughout the course, via work produced by syndicate exercises and individual participation.  There is also a 30 minute, 25 question, objective multiple-choice examination at the end of the course. Successful candidates will be awarded the CITB Site Managers Safety Training Certificate.


The SMSTS training course lasts five days, 8.30 am – 5 pm daily. This can be delivered as a five day block or one day a week over a five week period, or any combination of multiple days over consecutive weeks.  The SMSTS certificate lasts for five years, after which candidates must sit the Two Day SMSTS Refresher training course to renew the certificate and keep their qualification up to date.

CITBhave announced that the scheme rules have changed and the 6 month grace period for all certification has now been removed. 
What does this mean for you?  
Before, when your SMSTS, SSSTS certificates expired, you were given a 6 month grace period to be able to attend the Refresher course.  After this 6 months you would need to sit the full course again. 
The grace period for the Site Safety Plus scheme will be removed from 31st December 2015 to bring the scheme in line with other CITB products.
This means the Delegate must be made aware of the certificate expiry date and ensure they attend the refresher course prior to the end date on the certificate.  Any Delegate that does not attend prior to the end date of their certificate will risk their right to attend a refresher course and will be required to attend the full course.
Therefore to allow time for this requirement to become embedded, CITB will continue the current process for certificates expiring up to and on 31 December 2015 after which date no registrations will be made that are beyond the end date of the certificate without formal appeal.
So please check your certificate and don’t let it run out.  


Typical fees for open courses are £485 plus VAT per person at our training rooms in Rainham.  However, this can vary for in-house courses (dependant on location).

As part of the fees each candidate will receive the CITB GE700 – Construction Site Safety – The Comprehensive Guide, currently retailing at £95.40, and the XA6 SMSTS Course Notes, currently retailing at £32.40 and the certification charges at £37.50.  Companies that are eligible for CITB grant refund can claim a grant of £120 for each successful candidate who completes the course.

Find out more about CITB Levy & Grants.


We run regular open SMSTS courses in our Training Centres in Rainham Kent,  or we are happy to travel to your location if suitable facilities are available. We cover the whole of the UK so would be happy to travel to anywhere you need your course.

A Polite Notice

It pays to be selective when booking training courses because not all training providers are what they appear to be. When booking a SMSTS Course you need to feel assured that your training provider is fully accredited to provide that training and is not then going to sub-contract the work. Lighthouse Safety Training are fully accredited by CITB to provide the SMSTS course and proof of that accreditation can be seen at our accreditation page.


Tutors did a great job explaining all the elements of the course.  Making it relevant and explaining in user friendly terms to make it more understandable.
Daren, October 2018 (SMSTS)

Excellent facilities.
Matt, September 2018 (SMSTS)

Great course delivery by trainer.  Very good and friendly approach.  Enjoyed the course very much.  Learnt a lot – eye opening.
Tejinder, September 2018 (SMSTS)

5 star service.  Great experience.  Thank you.
P.Johnson, September 2018 (SMSTS) 

Teaching methods are engaging and kept the group entertained. A lot of content was covered in a small amount of time so keeping people engaged is necessary.
Katie, August 2018 (SMSTS)

Good course, made what can be a dull subject fairly enjoyable.
Matt, August 2018 (SMSTS)

Instructors were very knowledgeable and professional lessons were delivered with confidence and light hearten, however always highlighted the importance of good Health & Safety. Handouts were very helpful and will be referring to them in the future. Overall very good course.
Sam, August 2018 (SMSTS)

Passion for H&S comes across well and his enthusiasm to try and make sure all workers go home after their day at work safe and well.
Darren, July 2018 (SMSTS)

The course was very educational/  Rick made learning enjoyable.  I can imagine a course such as this could become tedious with the amount of info to digest, this was not the case here.  Thanks Rick.
Joc, July 2018 (SMSTS) 

Rick made it light hearted and easy going although highlighted (when needed) the seriousness of some aspects of the course.
Luke, July 2018 (SMSTS)

Found the whole set up, course content, tutors, a good relaxing environment for learning.
Lisa, July 2018 (SMSTS) 

Course was very professionally delivered. Rick a credit to Lighthouse Safety Training.
Shaun, February 2018 (SMSTS)

Professional, explanation clear, instruction providing information explaining all aspects. Enjoyable course.
Dirk, February 2018 (SMSTS)

Rick has the ability to maintain your attention and get across the content in a way which makes the course enjoyable. he can include humor along with a good teaching method.
Mike, February 2018 (SMSTS)

Excellent friendly approachable tutors, excellent facilities.
Phil, January 2018 (SMSTS)

The course was delivered well in a friendly but professional way.  Would recommend to colleagues.
Andrew, October 2017 (SMSTS) 

For me this course has been an eye opener to what is involved for site management.  Very helpful course.
Mark, October 2017 (SMSTS)

Made learning a subject that could easily be quite tedious, fun and exciting.  Subjects were covered thoroughly and information presented well.
Nicola, October 2017 (SMSTS)

Great course, really opened up my eyes in the construction industry and health and safety in general.
Andy, September 2017 (SMSTS)

Enjoyed the course and learnt a lot.  Now more Health and Safety conscious!
Stephen, September 2017 (SMSTS)

A course that could have just been information overload was made fun and a relaxing learning experience whilst gaining extensive knowledge of all topics covered.  Tutoring was first class to be honest.
Steve, September 2017 (SMSTS) 

The course content was extremely beneficial.  I have learnt a huge amount relative to my job and responsibilities.  I will be going away with a renewed level of enthusiasm and confidence, giving myself and my team the health and safety that is needed in this industry.
Luke, June 2017 (SMSTS)

Enjoyed the course full of information and teacher is very knowledgeable in the subject.
Daron, June 2017 (SMSTS)

Knowledgeable tutor with good presentation skills
Jack, June 2017 (SMSTS)

Rick an excellent tutor, very professional, expert in his field.
Amos, June 2017 (SMSTS)

Far exceeded my expectations.  Relaxed course and the info given was in a way we could easily remember.
Stuart, April 2017 (SMSTS)

Really excellent course.  Fully met my expectations.  Tutors were engaging and confident in their knowledge.
Linda, April 2017 (SMSTS)

Rick made Health & Safety an enjoyable course and outlined all aspects that were in the course.
Dean, February 2017 (SMSTS) 

All good. Pleasant course/facilities with good presentation and course material.
James, February 2017 (SMSTS) 

I thought the whole course was very informative lots of things I did not know so going to take away a lot of knowledge. Rick is a good tutor and very keen to the point and explains in human terms if we did not understand.
Richard, February 2017 (SMSTS) 

I was extremely happy with the course – instructor was engaging and made the sessions fun, I would recommend Lighthouse to others.
Ryan, February 2017 (SMSTS) 

Impressed with the level of enthusiasm and knowledge that the course tutor provided / demonstrated. This is the second course attended at Lighthouse and I am happy to recommend to colleagues.
David, February 2017 (SMSTS) 

A very well presented course, at a good pace with knowledgeable tutors.  Interaction encouraged and personal situations regarding work issues explained regarding position legally.
Campbell, February 2017 (SMSTS)

Always kept the days interesting, tutors were very knowledgeable and explained questions asked in understandable language.
Steve, February 2017 (SMSTS)

Very well presented course.  Really felt that I have learned a lot.
Robert, February 2017 (SMSTS)

An excellent course and tutor.  Well presented.
James, February 2017 (SMSTS)

Excellent course, very informative.  I feel better prepared to carry out my role as works manager. Food was great, venue outstanding.  Well delivered.
Paul, February 2017 (SMSTS) 

Will be recommending the centre to training manager as a preferred option.
Scott, December 2016 (SMSTS)

Excellent knowledge of tutor.  Very good teacher and communicator.  Highly recommended.
Ian, December 2016 (SMSTS)

Very enjoyable H&S Course which exceeded my expectations.  Harry is very knowledgeable, not only within H&S aspects but all areas.  Enjoyable, fun and a good laugh yet informative.
Stuart, December 2016 (SMSTS)

I thought the course was very good at a great pace and delivered with a good positive attitude, great knowledge shown by the trainer.
Dean, November 2016 (SMSTS)

Very helpful throughout the course and easy to get on with and approachable.
Steve, November 2016 (SMSTS)

Rick was a very good and confident trainer with clearly vast knowledge of the subject.  One of the best Health and safety courses I’ve sat .  Mainly down to Rick.  I will come back if further raining is required.
Chris, November 2016 (SMSTS)

Enjoyed my time here and found Rick to give very clear information and made the course a pleasure.
Ben, November 2016 (SMSTS)

Good detailed course, eye opener! Rick really knows his stuff.
Giles, November 2016 (SMSTS)

Rick is an excellent trainer kept the class engaged.
Adam, August 2016 (SMSTS)

Great course, Rick kept us engaged in all course content.
Steven, August 2016 (SMSTS)

I found the course very informative and good team engagement. Venue was good, will try and use Lighthouse in the future.
Mick, August 2016 (SMSTS)

Good presentation, venue tip top.
Jim, August 2016 (SMSTS)

Excellent course.  Tutors very knowledgeable. Put across very well.
Anon, July 2016 (SMSTS)

Good Approach to teaching, I think everyone enjoyed the course.
Steve, July 2016 (SMSTS)

From many courses I have attended I normally find the day drags and I struggle to stay awake but this course has been fun and informative. Plus very well delivered.
Dean, July 2016 (SMSTS) 

I had an overall exclusive learning experience and felt all my  learning needs were catered for which enabled me to understand the topics covered allowing me to have full confidence when entering my test at the end.
Chris, July 2016 (SMSTS)

The course was made much more enjoyable by personable tutors and relevant videos/situations.
anon, July 2016 (SMSTS)

I think the course was well presented and well tailored to suit everyone’s needs in construction management.  Course content was understandable and also enjoyable.  Tutors conduct was good, easy to understand.
Charlie, June 2016 (SMSTS) 

Run very well, tutor explained things in an easy to understand way.  One of the better courses I have been on. Interesting and informative.  Thank you.
Paul, June 2016 (SMSTS)

Overall, good course. Informative and enthusiastic tutor.  Would recommend course to anyone going into site management.
Peter, February 2016 (SMSTS)

Good course.  Changed my opinion on health and safety.
Stephen, November 2015 (SMSTS) 

Rick was a good tutor, made the class enjoyable, listened to our views and did not judge even if he didn’t agree as it was about health and safety.
Michael, November 2015 (SMSTS)

A well paced course that was instructed well.  The tutor was well versed in his role and conveyed the information well.
Ray, November 2015 (SMSTS) 

Well run course, good content, engaging and well informed tutor.  Recommended to me and I will recommend to others.
Neil, November 2015 (SMSTS) 

Good mix of media, discussion and insight. Would recommend.
Paul, November 2015 (SMSTS) 

Very good presentation, put over in an interactive way.
Bob, November 2015 (SMSTS)

Very good course and well presented and entertaining tutor.
Richard, November 2015 (SMSTS) 

Really impressed with knowledge of tutor and the way in which they taught us i.e. homework and real life experience. Thank you for the lunch throughout.
Aaron, July 2015 (SMSTS) 

The tutors made the course interesting and quite easy to follow.  We also had a good laugh during the course.
Mark, July 2015 (SMSTS)

Harry is an excellent tutor. I thoroughly enjoyed the course.
Nathalie, December 2014 (SMSTS)

Very good course, learnt a lot.  Enjoyed it, wasn’t boring like your typical H&S course. I’d recommend this course to  others

Danny, August 2014 (SMSTS)

Professional, friendly delivered course with plenty of discussion time with the group.

Steven, June 2014 (SMSTS)

Extremely knowledgeable tutor.  Helped break subjects down for understanding purposes.  Would sit further courses with same tutor and recommend.

James, June 2014 (SMSTS)

Excellent course delivery. a very professional, friendly delivery by our instructor.  Richard made it a pleasure to learn.

Dean, June 2014 (SMSTS)

Excellent Interaction. Excellent use of videos and thought provoking materials. Tutor made participants comfortable and made the learning material entertaining to which he should be commended.

Beth, May 2014 (SMSTS)

Excellent course.  Excellent Tutor (Steve) explained everything and had excellent interaction with the class.  Made it Simple to follow and understand class.

Mark, May 2014 (SMSTS)

Hope this would be very valuable in the future and I would recommend this course and trainer for anyone who seeks to get this qualification.

Rindika, January 2014 (SMSTS)

The course was run very professionally. Richards knowledge and the way he transferred this information was seamless and very easily retained.

Gary, January 2014 (SMSTS)

The tutor made us feel relaxed and explained things very well and didn’t charge ahead before everyone was satisfied.  We had a laugh as well.

Phil, August 2013

Well spoken, video material, presentation/organisation, interact (group), plenty of updates to new legislations, professional.

Juraj, August 2013 (SMSTS)

Very informative and put together in a logical way so that each subject built on the last.

Thomas, August 2013 (SMSTS)

Very informative and laid out in a fashion easy to understand and take on board.  Good interaction between the group as there was a good mix of people from within the industry. Initial concerns of course being to theory based from the book were soon dispelled.  Thoroughly recommend.

Dean, July 2013 (SMSTS)

Very glad I came to this course, have learnt alot and shall be putting the training to good use on site.  From doing the course I now realise I was not as competent as I should have been.

Stephen, July 2013 (SMSTS)

This is probably one of the best, if not the best course I have done to date. Not only for content but in the manner and way that it was presented. Andy and Harry put it across professionally but kept it very informal and comfortable. Thank you.

Rob, July 2013 (SMSTS)

I hadn’t been looking forward to this course, but Harry and Andy made the whole thing interesting and surprisingly enjoyable. I would recommend them to anyone needing competent training.

Duncan, May 21013 (SMSTS)

Very good content, fast but fun and well paced.  Will be hopefully coming back for NEBOSH if I can persuade my employer. Good job guys 10/10.

Spencer, May 2013 (SMSTS)

Good course, delivered excellent by tutors.  Would recommend this course facility and tutors to others.

Peter, May 2013 (SMSTS)

The whole course was ecellent, very imformative. The tutors were clear and easy to understand.

Cliffe, May 2013 (SMSTS) 

Harry made learning fun and enjoyable and I would recommend Lighthouse Safety Training

Trevor, April 2013 (SMSTS Refresher)

The tutors delivery of the course was excellent with an extensive knowledge of what he was teaching.  The open forum throughout the 2 days made the course current and easy to follow

Awesome tutor – has changed my mindset on some H&S issues. Made a subject that could be boring, interesting and informativ.e.

Gavin, December 2012 (SMSTS)

Harry delivered the course in a way that maintained interest in a subject that can be quite intense.

Darrell, December 2012 (SMSTS)

Very interesting content and delivery excellent

Steve, December 2012 (SMSTS)

Very enjoyable course, really clear instruction and probably the best course I have attened in some time. Great tutor Thanks

Daniel, October 2012 (SMSTS)

I have undertaken several internal Health & Safety courses within my company, and this is f=by far better than all, in terms of content, presentation, relevance and style.  Harry is by far the most efficient and effective tutor I have had. Thank you.

Daniel, October 2012 (SMSTS)

I would just like to say thank for a really good smsts course march/april this year both me and one of my foreman really enjoyed the course and found it very informative and a nice relaxed atmosphere helped by both harry and ron

Ivan Bannister Particon Civil Engineering, April 2012

I would just like to say a big thank you to your team, I really enjoyed the course and all the wonderful people i met on it. I wish you all every success with all of the training you give.

Gary, March 2012

Course was brilliant and tutors conveyed loads of information that will help on site.

C Price, March 2012

Excellent course, would recommend to other work managers.

Hatton, March 2012

Excellent instructors subject knowledge and ability to get the subject matter across

S George, March 2012

I personally found Ron to be an excellent Tutor – clear and concise.  (If I had him as a teacher at school I might have done better!) I personally learnt a great deal and look forward to putting it into practice.

W.  Ring, March 2012

Great course, well presented and a pleasure to be on . Many thanks to Harry & Ron Rons Knowledge was immense!

Steve young, March 2012

Ron was very explantory on each subject making learning easy.

Lowrie Brothers, March 2012

Ron was an excellent tutor.  Never losing patience and pitching the course at a level everybody could understand.  Ron’s knowledge was extensive and always provided full and thorough answers to any questions we had. He is a credit to your training facility.  Whatever you’re paying him, isn’t enough!

Guy Scott, March 2012

Very good course. Teaching was carried out at the right level & pace

RG Group, March 2012

Course well presented with relaxed presenter. Brings the ‘ligher side’ of H&S.

SRM, February 2012

A well structured course presented in an enjoyable manner

SRM, February 2012

Very good course, very well presented, interesting and good teaching

Martin Linney, February 2012 

Found the course to be very fulfilling and interesting and will help me in my role on site

Stage Electrics, February 2012

Course was run professionaly, very impressed with Richard, easy to talk to and very approachable. Top Man and Top Company A+

Mark Hall, February 2012

Richard was excellent at stimulating discussion to aid in the learning process. He also de-stressed the attendeesto create a relaxed learning environment.

Proforce Solutions, February 2012

Can I once again commend you for providing outstanding service and tuition on the course.

Trev Andrews, January 2012

I find Lighthouse Safety Training a very professional, welcoming and helpful
training provider. All delegates that I send to Lighthouse always return with
very positive feedback.

Morrison US January 2012

Harry is a friendly guy who presents the course matter in an interesting way to keep course members involved and to keep their attention.  I wish him well for the future.

Sir Robert McAlpine December 2011 (SMSTS)

Course content excellent, Delivery of course excellent

Steven Wood December 2011

Very good tutor, good debates

Alltask Ltd December 2011

Very enjoyable course, thank you very much

Trevor Andrew November 2011

I found all of you friendly and professional the course was very well presented with an element of humour helping with the nerves. So once again a very big thanks to you all.

Steve Bontoft October 2011

I would like to thank Lighthouse for their training for the week

CONCEPT August 2011

Mr Jeffery’s teaching style made the course interesting and motivated me

Ruggles & Jeffrey August 2011

 A very informative course

Erith August 11

Good Course, well delivered

Balfour Beatty August 11

Extremely informative and well explained

ARK Plc July 11

Interesting – informative – good tutor with exceptional knowledge of HSE

ARK Plc July 11 

It was a brilliant course

Greengate Maintance June 11

 Harry was a very good instructor and due to him, interaction between delegates was excellent, well done Harry

Wheaver June 11

 Absolutely excellent course and tutor’s attitude towards learning

Vincentstokes June 11

A great course, very well presented and at a superb pace. Very Much enjoyed this course.

June 11

I would recommend and use Andy in the future for further training requirements – Top Course

HSC Candella Ltd  June 11

Tutor interaction was excellent, friendly and informative with clear and easy to understand language

NWK College  June 11

Enjoyed the course and tutors were relaxed and serious when learning – a good balance

May 11

Great course, will recommend to my training provider that we book more people on this course

Morrison Utility Service May 11

Well Packed, excellent course & will recommend it to all supervisors/managers

Provian Construction March 11

Great course, well run with great content and very well presented.

Morrco March 2011

“Training Delivered professionally but not in a boring manner. I have a tendency to lose concentration with heavy subjects but Andy involved the group regularly which kept us on our toes.”

C Watkins July 2010

The way in which it was explained made it easier to understand, it was a good all round course that covered a lot of materials in a simplistic way.

Hewitts June 2010

Very Good Course, very enjoyable , Richard our tutor was very friendly and integrated well with the students.

Toureen Mangan June 2010

Excellent tuition.

21st Century Lifts June 2010

It was enjoyable which made the volume of information easier to absorb, there was a good balance of legislation and practical applications to give better ‘rounded’ approach to safety matters to ensure safe practices are planned and executed.

Crosby Electrical June 2010

The way the course was constructed by the tutor, very knowledgeable course good all round

Freedom Power Projects May 2010

“The tutor was very good and knowledgeable and very polite. I really enjoyed the course.”

Optrain November 2009

“The Course was very well balanced with a great deal of interactive tuition. Thoroughly enjoyable and of great benefit.”

BAM Nuttall Limited October 2009

“Found the course very interesting and the tutors very helpful & understanding.”

London Bridge Associates October 2009


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