Health & Safety Awareness

The cost of this course is £120 plus VAT ( £144 in Total)
(This cost includes certificates, books and all associated costs.)

Course Description

This Health and Safety Awareness course provides an introduction to health, safety, welfare and environmental issues, identifying the duties of employees and employer and explains what to do if risk is not effectively controlled.

Run as a one day course, our Health & Safety Awareness course runs frequently in Rainham, Kent or we are happy to deliver in-house courses at preferential rates.

Please note, that for insurance purposes, we cannot accept anyone under the age of 18 onto any of our courses.

Upcoming Health & Safety Awareness Courses
Course DateLocation Book Now
Health & Safety Awareness 20 May 2019
Rainham, Kent Book
Health & Safety Awareness 18 June 2019
Rainham, Kent Book
Health & Safety Awareness 10 July 2019
Rainham, Kent Book
Health & Safety Awareness 12 August 2019
Rainham, Kent Book
Health & Safety Awareness 09 September 2019
Rainham, Kent Book
Health & Safety Awareness 10 October 2019
Rainham, Kent Book
Health & Safety Awareness 12 November 2019
Rainham, Kent Book
Health & Safety Awareness 18 December 2019
Rainham, Kent Book
Who Should Attend

This Health and Safety Awareness course is to help those who are about to work, or have just begun to work in the construction industry – to understand the potential hazards they face on site.

Please note, that for insurance purposes, we cannot accept anyone under the age of 18 onto any of our courses.

Course Content

The course identifies employee responsibilities for looking after themselves and others, to help them understand why they are carrying out their identified duties while explaining what is expected of them to ensure that they contribute to the safety of the workplace. Delegates will be able to understand the need to prevent accidents, have an understanding of health and safety law, identify how their role fits into the control and management of the site, understand the need for risk assessments and method statements and appreciate the need to perform safely and to stop and ask for advice if not sure.  Furthermore it will raise awareness of the need to be reporting of unsafe acts to prevent an accident or further re-occurrence of unsafe acts. It is an ideal foundation for those wishing to obtain an industry accreditation card as it helps with preparation for the CITB Health & Safety Test. A natural progression from this course would be to attend the Site Supervisors Safety Training Scheme.

Assessment & Award

The method of assessment will be by a 30 minute, 25 question, objective multiple-choice examination at the end of the course, as well as being expected to be interactive during the course. Successful candidates will be awarded the CITB Construction Site Operatives Safety Certificate.


This is a one day event – 8.30 am – 5 pm. The Certificate lasts for five years, after which the course would need to be retaken in order to renew the certificate and keep the qualification up-to-date.


Typical fees for open courses are £120 plus VAT per person; however this can vary for in-house courses (dependant on location and numbers).  As part of the fees each candidate will receive Construction Skills GE707 – Construction Health & Safety Awareness, currently retailing at £12.50, and certification at £37.50.


We run open Health and Safety Awareness courses regularly in our Training Centre in Rainham Kent or we are happy to travel to your location if suitable facilities are available.

A Polite Notice

It pays to be selective when booking training courses because not all training providers are what they appear to be. When booking a Health & Safety Awareness Course you need to feel assured that your training provider is fully accredited to provide that training and is not then going to sub-contract the work. Lighthouse Safety Training are fully accredited by CITB to provide the Health & Safety Awareness course and proof of that accreditation can be seen on our accreditation page.


Rick was very good. Made a course (which could be seen as dull) interesting.
Bradley, August 2018 (Health & Safety Awareness)

Rick was a great tutor, great day of learning.
Chris, August 2018 (Health & Safety Awareness)

Harry was a great course instructor, presented all materials in a clear and accessible way.
Andy, March 2018 (Health & Safety Awareness)

Rick made us all comfortable and the course was very explanatory. Facilities were excellent over all a good course and excellent trainer.
William, January 2018 (Health & Safety Awareness) 

I think the course was very well put together and presented.
Les, September 2017 (H&S Awareness) 

The course was eye opening and covered all aspects.  Quite enjoyable.
Steve, September 2017 (H&S Awareness)

Educational, fun and would definitely recommend.
Djaffar, June 2017 (Health & Safety Awareness)

Tutor was enthusiastic, well informed and good at provoking thought regarding health and safety.
Thomas, June 2017 (Health & Safety Awareness)

Learnt a lot more than I thought I would, good bunch of lads and really friendly.
Samuel, June 2017 (Health & Safety Awareness)

Course well presented. I learnt additional information previously unaware of despite the number of years I’ve been in the construction industry.  Well taught, well presented, remained interesting throughout.
Victor, June 2017 (Health & Safety Awareness) 

Very helpful and well detailed.  Made it easy to follow.
James, January 2017 (Health & Safety Awareness)

Rick was excellent with his knowledge. But more impressive with his way of getting his knowledge across to the whole room.  Great guy making a good day of what could have easily been badly received.
Steven, January 2017 (Health & Safety Awareness)

The day ran smoothly, course is well planned out.  Rick is a top tutor, has great knowledge and wants you to learn.  Top training facilities and will definitely be returning.
Ashley, December 2016 (Health & Safety Awareness)

Great trainer, course executed in a good humoured atmosphere.  Course content well delivered. Would happily book through Lighthouse again.
Darren, December 2016 (Health & Safety Awareness)

Rick gave clear and concise training.  I will be back to do further training but also recommending the venue for our staff.
James, December 2016 (Health & Safety Awareness)

Overall, very high standard of teaching & facilities are very good.  Excellent
Lee, November 2016 (Health & Safety Awareness) 

Usually expect H&S to be less interesting but this was entertaining and informative.
Jon, November 2016 (Health & Safety Awareness)

Brilliant, informative and a good laugh well presented and detailed.
Mohammed, November 2016 (Health & Safety Awareness) 

Excellent tutor with a lot of experience and knowledge.  Very informative course.
Ali, September 2016 (Health & Safety Awareness)

Getting to learn things I thought I already had in the bag, only to discover I know nothing as things change. The tutor deserves a mention as he gave clear and precise guidance
Barney, May 2016 (Health & Safety Awareness)

The tutor explained timings to me on a level I fully understood what was meant.
Jason, November 2015 (Health & Safety Awareness) 

Rick was very clearly spoken and very helpful at answering any questions I was unsure of.  He made the whole training very enjoyable, so I felt easy going about asking him about anything I was unsure about.
Ben, November 2015 (Health & Safety Awareness) 

Harry was very good in explaining in detail the basic requirements.
Pam, December 2014 (Health & Safety Awareness)

The course was excellent on all levels, very engaging and informative.  Tutors laid back and yet able to show the seriousness of subject made the course a pleasant experience.
Liam, December 2014 (Health & Safety Awareness)

Excellent presentation from the tutor – kept light hearted in order to keep audience focused. well done.

Anthony, July 2014

The Tutor was very approachable and informative.  He kept the course interesting.  New information was gained through this course.

David, April 2014 (Health & Safety Awareness)

“Thank you for the way in which the course was delivered both professionally and friendly”

July 2010

“The tutor was very clear in explaining many things”

April 2010

“A serious subject taught in a humorous way, thank you”

April 2010

“The tutor was obviously very knowledgeable and was happy to share his personal experiences which always helps”

April 2010

“A one day course that fitted everything in, very good”

January 2010

“Very relaxed course providing all the information I need”

January 2010


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