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The interaction and explanations Andy gave to different areas, it was a very good course and I would recommend more people to do it.
Bison Manufacturing July 2010 (ABC Course)




Achieving Behavioural Change (ABC)

Course Description

Achieving Behavioural Change (ABC) provides an understanding of how poor attitude and behaviour can affect the chance of an accident occurring in the workplace.

Who Should Attend

For the ABC Course to be successful, attendees should come from all levels within an organisation, i.e. a good mix of managers, supervisors and workers. Minimum numbers for the course to run are six, ideally this should be run as an ‘in-house’ course and as a result we do not offer it as an open event.

Course Content

The course can be applied to any construction situation. It features the use of the point of work ‘dynamic’ assessment STAARR (Stop, Think, Assess, Act, Report and Review) and TASK (Think first, Act safe, Stop if hazardous and Keep safe) card. It encourages participants to capture and apply the ‘9Cs’ (Communication and Consultation enables Co-operation, Co-ordination, Collaboration, Control and Competence, establishing a Culture and Commitment at all levels). The course materials include a PowerPoint presentation; eight separate exercises (some of which use film clips), and an end-of-course test. The course is designed to be simple, free flowing and interactive with clear, jargon-free slides that present the main points.

Assessment & Award

The course assessment consists of nine questions incorporating a maximum of 25 answers, covering all aspects of the course. The pass mark is 15 out of 25 (60%) for ‘site workforce’ and 20 out of 25 (80%) for ‘management and supervisors’.  Successful candidates will receive the ABC certificate which is valid for 5 years.


One day programme – 9.00 am – 4.30 pm


Charges are dependent on the number of candidates (minimum of 6), and travel distance.

Companies that are eligible for CITB grant refund could claim £50 per day per successful candidate. If you wish to know more about the CITB funding follow the link to CITB Levy & Grants – how they work booklet or refer to the link on our Useful Resources Page.


This course  is only available as an in house course run at client locations throughout the UK. We do not run open ABC courses.

A Polite Notice

It pays to be selective when booking training courses because not all training providers are what they appear to be. When booking a Achieving Behavioural Change Course you need to feel assured that your training provider is fully accredited to provide that training and is not then going to sub-contract the work. Lighthouse Safety Training are fully accredited by CITB to provide the Achieving Behavioural Change course and proof of that accreditation can be seen at our accreditation page.


Very well presented and very informative.  Well worth attending.
Alan, April 2018 (ABC)

Very good instructor, came across very well.
Marvin, June 2016 (ABC Course) 

Very useful session. Everyone left the room more aware and concious of their duties on site. To themselves and others.

Martin, November 2015 (ABC Course)

Good course targeted well to encourage discussions and analysis of how we work and what we do.

Edward, August 2014 (ABC Course)

Good use of wider context of leaderships and links with h&s.

Gary, August 2014 (ABC Course)

Good Content with excellent teaching style.

Matthew, July 2014 (ABC Course)

Trainer with good knowledge.

Marek, May 2014 (ABC Course)

Excellent course, tutor made the subject interesting. Tutor was engaging upbeat and kept our attention throughout 10/10.

Laura, May 2014 (ABC Course)

Harry was very good, I have been on many h&s courses throughout my career and this is one of the most best with regards enjoyment, content and easy to learn.

Chris, May 2014 (ABC Course) 

It was engaging and enjoyable and informative. A refreshing approach by the tutor made the connection between inanimate objects and our environment with behaviours. A good use of tools – not death by PowerPoint. Used a mix of  ‘work’ & ‘home life’ scenarios, good and well worth while.

Jane, May 2014 (ABC Course) 

I enjoyed the course, it was an eye opener.

Jeff, May 2014 (ABC Course)

Harry got all the info over in a clear and helpful way, was easy to talk to about our own thoughts of H&S.

Ryan, May 2014 (ABC Course)

Excellent and very informative course.

Beverley, May 2014 (ABC Course)

Excellent – Thank you.

Bison Manufacturing July 2010 (ABC Course)

The interaction and explanations Andy gave to different areas, it was a very good course and I would recommend more people to do it.

Bison Manufacturing July 2010 (ABC Course)

We found this course broke down the percieved barriers in communication, and helped us develop a clear understanding of each others needs. We now engage more freely, which has seen a noticable business improvement in safety culture and productivity. Thanks.



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