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Extremely good course, although I struggled to absorb some of the content, I found that it started me thinking laterally re H&S in general.
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Safety Schemes / Accreditation and Pre-qualifications

Your references are great, your price is competitive, but have you ever failed at the final hurdle to win a contract, due to the lack knowledge of how to complete successful Pre Qualification Questionnaires (PQQs)? Ask us to assist in completion and win more contracts.

Completing a PQQ questionnaire is a big step in the right direction to obtain work with any company, if you are a large company or just a growing one, many of your clients may ask you to evidence your competence to carry out your work safely; once done it will hold you on a companies approved contractor list and will need to be reviewed on an annual basis.

This is a task that we carry out on a weekly basis for the majority of our clients. This saves them time and give it a professional touch to give you edge over your competitors.

Similarly to PQQ we also carry out, regular SSIP (Safety Schemes in Procurement) accreditation applications on behalf of our clients, some of the main ones being SMAS, CHAS, Safe Contractor and Construction Line etc.

Beware though that there still remains a vast array of safety schemes available to choose from, which profess to reduce your time on PQQs, but which one suits your needs the most and which one is most appropriate at the time?

We are pleased that recently there has been some rationalisation with the formation of the SSIP. Many safety schemes via SSIP now recognise other schemes, which reduce the amount of time you spend on PQQs, with this in mind we are happy to recommend and continually recommend SMAS as a preferred option.

Whichever scheme suits you best, we have a proven track record of assisting our clients in successful accreditation which subsequently assists them to demonstrate compliance and hence win more contracts, which is why we are pretty confident that we would obtain you the accreditation you require quickly and with minimum of fuss and disruption to yourselves.


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